About Us


  • Support heart-centered women lead actions.
  • Educate women on daily health, wellness and well being actions.
  • Advocate for women's cultural, environmental and spiritual needs.

Guiding Principles

  • Women are the foundation of life, family and community.
  • Love, gratitude and abundance are daily practices.
  • Respect individual cultural, spiritual growth and wellbeing.
  • Health and wellness create  vibrant communities.
  • Voluntary actions address our heart-centered needs.
  • Excellence in daily living is measured by results.
  • Need for freedom to thrive.
  • Remain peaceful and prayerful.

What We Offer

  • Celebrations of multi-cultural women's events.
  • Opportunities to improve the quality of our lives through personal and group actions.
  • Health and wellness tools that are clear and practical.
  • Educate the benefits when women thrive.
  • Protection and loving support in all we create.